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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Red Squad sounds like it was personally put together by that one admiral back when to do his dirty business, so they are probably the ambitious, less scrupulous types that are also pretty darn good at what they do, as long as it isn't something fighting a new enemy battleship in a crippled little ship behind enemy lines.
Indeed. Just because Red Squad are told they are the elite of the elite doesn't mean that was the real reason they were chosen to be in Red Squad. Considering they were previously used as pawns in an attempted coup, it seems likely that the admirals in charge of the group were selecting cadets that they knew would blindly follow orders. Some of the crew on Valiant may even have been part of the team that sabotaged Earth's power grid two years before.

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I find Valiant a highly annoying episode. I know there;s things in it that I like, but I think the problem is that the crew of that ship really annoyed me, like a ship full of Wesleys.
Yes, but they die! An entire crew full of Wesley's died, and the one survivor had her entire belief-system shattered. It was glorious.

Profit and Lace (*)

SISKO: A Dominion invasion of Ferenginar?
ROM: Think of the terrible repercussions to the Alpha Quadrant.
WORF: I cannot think of any.
Okay, that joke is worth half a star. Not only did it get a chuckle out of me, it perfectly sums up my feelings on Ferenginar. The Ferengi economy collapsed and Zek lost power? I don't give a shit. Worf said exactly what needed to be said, then stayed out of the rest of the episode. The guy's a hero.

What about the other half-star? The episode earns that for being just a tiny bit slick. You know, like an oil slick. If Let He Who Is Without Sin... is a horrific car crash then Profit and Lace is a horrific car crash on ice! Sure, the car is still wrecked and the passengers are dead, but it all happened slightly faster than usual and it was more interesting visually.

The downsides, we all already know. This episode is unfunny sexist garbage that kills brain cells at twice the rate of alcohol without having the positive effect of blocking the events from your memory.

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