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Re: Deanna and cloaked ships

She was also able to feel the two Jellyfish aliens from a distance that seemed greater than the length of the Enterprise in Encounter at Farpoint.
...But probably more due to the broadcasting abilities of the critters than due to her own listening abilities. She also seemed atypically overwhelmed by the effects.

So why was she not able to sense the emotions of anyone in a cloaked ship? In The Neutral Zone she gave the vague answer to Picard, they're out there.
Sounds consistent to me. Presence is easily and decisively detected; direction is not among the things she could provide, either here or in any other episode involving her empathic abilities.

But shouldn't she have been able to give Picard a warning that the Romulans were right behind the Enterprise in The Defector? Why didn't she feel them?
Handy rationalization #8472: this might be a range issue. In episodes like "The Neutral Zone", the Romulans would have had every reason to hover just next to the E-D while cloaked, waiting to make an impressive entrance. In "The Defector", they knew the E-D would soon make an attempt to escape from the Nelvana system, but they would not know the heading the ship would choose. So they'd probably maintain their distance, and then do a quick jump to the path of the Starfleet vessel when they saw where she was pointing her bow.

Generally, I don't think Deanna Troi has any sort of a location sense. At most, she could give her impressions on the distances involved, but that, too, might be something she needs to derive from intensity, and intensity at the receiving end in turn would depend on intensity at the sending end. That is, a bunch of agitated Romulans would appear closer than a single equidistant but calm one.

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