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Deanna and cloaked ships

These are the kinds of thing I think of when I have too much time on my hands.

But in Disaster, Deanna could feel, presumably all the conscious people on the Enterprise. The unconscious ones may have been missed by her depending on how hurt they were.

She was also able to feel the two Jellyfish aliens from a distance that seemed greater than the length of the Enterprise in Encounter at Farpoint.

Now, I know this is a leap in logic, but she does have control over here empathic abilities and on a ship with just over 1000 people on board at any given time she must block out the emotions of most of them or maybe get lost in them.

In The Survivors, Kevin Uxbridge put the music in her head to keep her from sensing that either he was more than what he said or that Rishon was not real. So that could indicate that she could read their emotions from orbit either with ease or by concentrating on them.

What I'm saying is that she can feel the emotions or lack of emotions from tremendous distances. So why was she not able to sense the emotions of anyone in a cloaked ship? In The Neutral Zone she gave the vague answer to Picard, they're out there.

Why couldn't she be used like in Nemesis. I know that movie is not very well liked, but it did expand on her abilities in that she could back track her way to the Viceroy, using the link he created, and give Worf a weapons lock. I'm willing to admit that in Nemesis that was a special case. But shouldn't she have been able to give Picard a warning that the Romulans were right behind the Enterprise in The Defector? Why didn't she feel them?

So my question is couldn't her abilities at least give Picard the general location of any cloaked ship near enough to her by opening up her empathic abilities?
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