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Re: Any old timers still around?

Hmm... I can't find my original ID on WayBack, but... Bonzie, you spammer!

If I'd kept my original account I'd be in the 340-350 range. I threw it away at 749 posts - wanted to change from JimH to Jim Gamma, but the rule back then was NO name changes under ANY circumstances without losing your old account.

Changed it again in 2003 when I was erm... 'gifted' a dual user ID by someone I won't name (I had my old account closed at the time). I should stress that this 'gift' was not at my request - I had used the name Kurn elsewhere, and someone had registered it here, and simply dumped the password on me.

EDIT: Found my first ever post in This Thread as JimH, and my Profile! (And a version shortly before I switched accounts the first time.)

My Second Profile just prior to the Great Purge of 2002...
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