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Re: Why don't I like Walking Dead? (Spoilers up to 3x06 at least)

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I mean, it's a zombie series, and as such has had some deliberately shocking character deaths. Given its genre it's also pretty dark and gritty.
I didn't say there weren't shocking deaths or that it wasn't a dark show. Of course it is. I said it doesn't feel like the Dark & Gritty trope-- in other words, it's genuine and doesn't come across as something designed to make teenagers feel like tough guys (like, for example, nuBSG).

As gblews rightly says, Walking Dead is neither Mad Men nor Breaking Bad. The problem with the glacial pacing of the second season - which only feels that dragged out because the budget was slashed - is that the writers really weren't that good at grounding the series in meaningful interpersonal relationships.
What can I say? I completely disagree about both the pacing and the relationships. In my opinion, both the plotting and the characterization (for the most part) have been masterful and the pacing has been a breath of fresh air in a medium generally geared toward Generation ADD. This is a show I'd bring to a writing class as an example of the right way to write.
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