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Re: Episode of the Week: Coming of Age

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I liked the transitions in Remmick's interview scenes, suddenly cutting to different people answering his questions. I'm thinking it must be a stylistic reference to a classic film, but can't identify it.
I've always liked that scene too. I wonder what the film was.

Some observations;

The SD episodic promo to this looked shockingly bad. I can't remember it ever being that bad, did CBS reduce the quality on purpose to increase the "wow factor" of the remaster?

References to previous adventures make this the first episode to show any real continuity, I remember being really impressed with that.

I've always been puzzled by the exchange between Wesley and the attractive girl - "I'm sixteen next month"
"Well happy birthday!"

Wesley doesn't come across as a douche in this, there are few episodes where he doesn't, perhaps we should start a list...

The first appearance of a Vulcan and shuttlecraft in TNG?

That the corridors on that starbase are paintings is painfully obvious in HD.

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I find it amusing how elated Riker is when he’s told Starfleet wants to promote Picard off the Enterprise, and how quickly the smile disappears from his face when he realizes Picard hasn’t accepted it.
I noticed that too. People go on about Riker's lack of ambition in passing up Captaincy after Captaincy but what about Picard? He passes up the Admiralty in this episode and remains as Captain for at least 15 years that we know of, closer to 20 if you follow the novelverse. Did he really never get offered a promotion again? Afterall Rikers lack of ambition is simply down to Picards reluctancy to vacate the Enterprise's Captains chair.

Why do I think I remember Wesley having a 16th birthday party in this episode? Was it on the original VHS packaging? Afterall it is called Coming Of Age. It seems like the scene belongs between Picard and Wesley talking in the observation lounge and Picard saying goodbye to the Admiral in the transporter room.

Man in skant at the end!
One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... some sort of spaceship.
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