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Re: Killing them Softly

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I saw it, and I was underwhelmed. Maybe it was how unsubtle the metaphor was. Maybe it was that I've seen Gandolfini's character in so many other movies and it's worn thin. The plot is very point A to point B without a lick of suspense. The dialogue was well written, but it was in service of characters and a plot that just didn't click for me.
Yes it was a bit sledge hammery in places, I managed to ignore that somewhat. Shame as the metaphor would have been much more subtle if they'd cut all the news/radio reports out.

Maybe I was just in the right mood to like it at the time, I found the characters engaging (even though they were, to a man, scumbags) and I liked the tone.

I think Galdofini playing the same old character was kinda the point. I took it to be the big man still acting like he's king of the world, like he's the man in charge, when actually he isn't. I kinda assumed it was a metaphor for America in general?
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