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Re: TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

Several of the divine beings mankind in Star Trek apparently has readily accepted as such have been non-omnipotent, non-omniscient aliens who demonstrated no powers of creation and no control of afterlife, but who did expect their followers to adhere to certain moral guidelines (or other instructions the mortals mistook for moral guidelines). So there's precedent for Yahweh-like Gods in fact being limited aliens: we have Apollo and His reputed relatives at the very least, plus Kukulkan.

Whether The One from ST5 is a good match for the precedent is debatable, though. Apollo and Kukulkan appeared to travel from world to world and "play God" for the natives, possibly for a wide range of natives on various worlds at that. The One having embedded itself in the racial memories of both Earthlings and Vulcans would be consistent, then. But the influence of Apollo and Kukulkan ceased once They departed. The One had interstellar powers of persuasion, making Him a somewhat greater God (since Apollo wanted followers, too, but evidently was unable to summon those across the stars even though He was not imprisoned).

That in mind, I think the poll really does need further options. Say:

"Yes. Yahweh is eternal and all-powerful, but since Gods exists in a hierarchy, He can still be overpowered by His betters; indeed He was, and is The One."

Or perhaps:

"Yes. Yahweh doesn't exist, and neither does The One - yet they can be called into being by their followers. Sybok called into being The One, while Kirk called into being Yahweh, both of which manifested as familiar faces in the Divine Stonehenge while actually being equally nonexistent. Other Earthlings at other times have called into being Yahweh, too. Or, say, Ganesha. They just didn't have the generic amplifying powers of the Divine Stonehenge available to them (that we know of). They would find their divinity of choice manifesting as a familiar face at Sha-Ka-Ree, simply because they would believe so, and would experience that divinity in the manner they believe they would. Too bad our heroes so strongly believed their God would betray and hurt them!"

Timo Saloniemi
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