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Re: How could the Dominion War doesn't effect the economy of Federatio

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Except that on-screen evidence states in TNG and Voyager that replicators convert energy into matter.

It was also said that the replicators are an outgrowth of transporter technology... but that doesn't mean it will work EXACTLY the same.

For actual creation of matter, replicators use plasma that powers the ship and convert it into matter (probably manipulating the particles of the plasma on a sub-atomic level).
Uh, no...

Transporters convert matter into energy on one location then transfer that energy to another location and convert it into matter.
And again, no. Transporters break down matter, move it to the target, then reassemble it. This is referred to as the "matter stream", as in this example from the Voyager episode "Tuvix":

TUVIX: Actually Captain, when you think about it, Neelix and Tuvok were broken down to a microcellular level during transport. DNA, protein, all in a state of molecular flux.

KIM: And if the enzymes that cause symbiogenesis interacted with their DNA while they were in the matter stream, it might have caused their patterns to merge.
or this from TNG's "Relics"

SCOTT: Aye, lad. Franklin. We went in together. Something's wrong. One of the inducers has failed. Boost the gain on the matter stream. Come on, Franklin. I know you're still in there. It's no use. His pattern's degraded fifty three percent. He's gone.
and "Realm of Fear" (the most extensive explanation of how transporters work Trek has ever given us)

O'BRIEN: Engaging interlock. Buffers synched. Oh, wait a minute. I'm reading an ionic fluctuation in the matter stream.
and later (same ep)

BARCLAY: When I was returning to the Enterprise I could've sworn I saw something in the matter stream.
LAFORGE: Something?
BARCLAY: There was phased matter all around. At first I thought it was some kind of energy discharge, but then it flew toward me and it touched my arm. How could something be in there? Molecules flying apart, half phased? I mean, it's impossible, isn't it?

LAFORGE: Reg, there's a lot of energy floating around in the beam. Maybe you saw a surge in the matter stream.

BARCLAY: A fluctuation occurred while I was inside the matter stream?

DATA: Normal spatial relationships are often distorted within the matter stream. Your perceptions may have been exaggerated.

DATA: The microbes exist simultaneously as both matter and energy. The biofilter cannot distinguish them from the matter stream.
LAFORGE: Right, but if we held Barclay suspended in mid-transport at the point where matter starts to lose molecular cohesion.

BARCLAY: But if I'm in the matter stream too long.
DATA: Your pattern would degrade to the point where your signal would be permanently lost.
So sorry, no "energy to matter" for you...
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