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Re: Starfleet non-coms

Memory Alpha states the Academy does have an enlisted program, so that's one route.
...This basically solely because Chief O'Brien was once referred to as having taken a course at the Academy, in "Trials and Tribble-ations", despite being established as a non-com in incidental dialogue and explicit plotlines (and some costuming ambiguities notwithstanding).

But the reference was not made by the man himself - it was made in jest by the flippant Julian Bashir. It reads like this:

"Come on, Chief, surely you took elementary temporal mechanics at the Academy?"
The actual implication is that the Chief did not take elementary temporal mechanics at the Academy. Whether he even went to the Academy (for this single course, or for anything else) is highly doubtful as well.

On the other hand, this is how O'Brien describes his joining Starfleet in "Shadowplay":

"...two days before I was due to leave [for the Aldebaran Music Academy], I went into town and signed up for Starfleet."
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