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Re: How could the Dominion War doesn't effect the economy of Federatio

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So basically the war like Dominion War won't effect any major power economy in the galaxy. Both Dominion and Federation can war forever if there is no worm hole that limit their access?
Forever? No. Remember, the Dominion (mostly the Cardassians in the AQ, since there was virtually no supplyline from the GQ after the blockade of the wormhole), had some serious supply constraints. Cardassia did not have wide-spread replicator access to begin with, and at one point they were so resource strapped that they tried to trick the Federation into ceding a planet to them that they could bio-engineer new supplies of Ketrecel White from because they had no factories to produce it in.

In the "colonies", where replicators were less common and power systems less developed, I'm sure there were widespread economic dislocations and problems due to the war.

The "core worlds", however, are a different story altogether. With every household potentially a "mini factory" if their replicator were provided with the raw materials and power needed, you have production networks so distributed that it would be impossible short of total planetary annihilation to shut them down completely. And the total potential output of just ONE planet is staggering to consider.

Let us take just one item, for example a hand phaser. Replicating an item that size takes at most 5-6 seconds.

Now, let us take a SMALL settlement on a core world with, say, 5000 households. Assuming that single settlement devoted just ONE replication session to making phasers, you would have a rate of production of 5000 phasers a day.

Let us assume that the population of a core world is 3 billion people with an average household size of 4 people. That is 750 million households, or 150,000 times the size of our example community.

So if the entire planetary population did just ONE replication cycle a day for hand phasers, that would be 750 million hand phasers produced in just one day by that one planet.

That's not counting the output of small public replicators (as in a replimat such as the one on DS9), or big industrial replicators that might be able to turn out hand phasers by the freight-car load.

The industrial capacity of the Federation on a war-footing is beyond scary. The problem seems to be extremely large and complex objects like starships, but even then the Federation appeared to have plenty, being able to field many 1000s even after the crushing losses of the first year of the war.

Indeed, the real problem for the Federation would have been manpower, as Senator Vreenak noted in "In The Pale Moonlight". The Federation could replace the ships and the material, but not the trained crews to operate them.
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