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Re: Any old timers still around?

Rob Hal wrote: View Post
Hmm... I feel like the definition of 'old timer' has changed...
We certainly are neither oldtimers nor old. We are MMs (mature members) and like a good wine we get even better with time!

Finngle Bells wrote: View Post
^Where's the User ID?
It's in the url of your profile. Yours is 5636; the u stands for user in the database:

Now if only I could remember my old account's user ID...
I do recall my old postcount, though: 1552 posts. I'm definitely not a spammer

Bonzie, the C certainly refered to a bad day and is statistically completely neglectable!
(Still I'm glad I never was a staff member here and am not likely to ever become one. Particularly being Tech Admin here or Mod in TNZ has always seemed to me more of a punishment than a revard and would certainly drive weaker personalities to recreational ressorts where they wear tight-fitting white apparel with extremely long sleeves...)
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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