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Re: TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

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You need a 5th poll option: None of the Above.
Itís intended to be a logically exhaustive list of possible scenarios, though admittedly theyíre fuzzy due to ambiguous terms.
┌───────────┐      ┌───────────────┐      ┌───────────────┐
│ G exists? ├─Yes─>│ G is limited? ├─Yes─>│ G is The One? ├─Yes─>4
└─────┬─────┘      └───────┬───────┘      └───────┬───────┘
      No                   No                     No
      ↓                    ↓                      ↓
      1                    2                      3
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Maybe The One has also given visions to the prophets of scripture. Is it possible that he is the biblical God?
Not in my view, no. The One is just an alien, nothing more. It's not God. Like McCoy said, what does God need with a starship? The very fact that The One demanded one is pretty much proof that it isn't God.
Actually it was Kirk and then Spock, not McCoy, who asked about the starship.

Clearly, The One is not omnipotent. If God is omnipotent, then it follows that The One is not God. But how do we know that the God of the Bible is what He claims to be? How do we know the prophets described in the Bible didnít get their visions from a deceiver just as Sybok did? If you believe in the prophets of Yahweh, how do you know youíre not making the same mistake as Sybokís followers?

If God tells the world that He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, and the creator and lord of the universe, should He be believed?
Sure. Why not? I choose to believe God, but not this thing. God acts out of love and compassion. The One is simply a mad alien who attacks people
You believe that the God who gave us the Bible is both omnipotent and benevolent. Sybok and his followers believe the same of the God of Sybokís visions. How do you know that youíre not making the same mistake as they are?

Just because it says it's God, doesn't mean it is.
Does that apply to the God of the Bible too? If ďjust because it says itís GodĒ isnít enough, then what is?
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