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Re: TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

You need a 5th poll option: None of the Above.

Interpretation of the film depends on the viewer's own spiritual or religious beliefs.

My dad was a Southern Baptist preacher from the age of 23 until his death at 65. Seven days a week, fulltime. But he was a moderate, believing the scriptures are open to interpretation, and not always literal in its meaning. It helped that he had held two doctoral degrees, and had studied multiple cultural religions other than Christianity. He wasn't in it for the money.

Naturally, I was indoctrinated early. After he died, church services weren't the same for me, and I stopped going altogether. I don't know what God is, but I don't think It's some old guy in a chair saying "Worship Me or else!" Maybe It's something we can't conceive of.

Maybe God is the human capacity to consider his existence.
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