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Re: Why don't I like Walking Dead? (Spoilers up to 3x06 at least)

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None of the deaths have felt to me like the "shocking death of a major character" trope common to Dark & Gritty shows. As far as I'm concerned the writing is the best there is on TV now.
I'd love to watch that show. It doesn't honestly sound like the Walking Dead (which I do actually like) but I'd love to watch it.

I mean, it's a zombie series, and as such has had some deliberately shocking character deaths. Given its genre it's also pretty dark and gritty. And... I wouldn't even call it the best writing on genre television right now (that would go to Game of Thrones) let alone TV generally (here I'd lean Mad Men, before Breaking Bad fans claw me limb from limb).

This is a show that's written for adult sensibilities and paced for an adult attention span
As gblews rightly says, Walking Dead is neither Mad Men nor Breaking Bad. The problem with the glacial pacing of the second season - which only feels that dragged out because the budget was slashed - is that the writers really weren't that good at grounding the series in meaningful interpersonal relationships.

A show like Mad Men can thrive off its large cast of excellent characters, everything from their witty reparte to their most private, revealing moments. It's a character driven program.

Walking Dead - when it's doing itself right, as the third season largely has been - is a plot driven show. So long as it tightens the screws and maintains narrative momentum, it's tremendous fun to watch. The third season's been an excellent example of this simply by alternating between two different locations - it gives the episode arc a spine, a sense of inevitability - these two worlds are going to collide and it's just a matter of when and why.

When the series slows down the plot entirely to do character stuff like it did in season two it can get really spotty. It's been able to characterise some characters pretty well - it had a very good handle on what made Shane tick, for example - but with other characters you can practically feel the writings fumbling around for whatever motivation they want this week (Lori suffered here, as did Carol) and as AntonyF said it dragged its wheels with a lot of fairly repetitive melodramatic arguing. In Dale's final episode I could no longer stand the guy and he was making an argument I agreed with.

But again: It's a ridiculously fun show and when it's firing on all cylinders it's one of the most entertaining hours of TV. I will give Walking Dead that much and that's why I stick with it. But I do completely get why many aren't enamoured of it.
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