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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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^ Like I keep saying: Starfleet Security is only for providing security officers on board starships. Those are clearly not qualified to be marines as we understand the term.
Why deploy a group of security from a starship, if the starship itself isn't needed for the problem.

The Marines (or Army) could be deployed to member world where there are overwhelming medical problems like a epidemic, or a quarantine. Where there there has been a natural disaster, tidal wave, hurricane, earthquake, etc. The Marines comes in and do the long term work, months or years.

Think of all the problems that might require the introduction of a organized external force, but doesn't need to tie down multiple exploration starships in orbit for a protracted period of time.

Kirk's ship carried what? Thirty plus security? After the earthquake in Haiti, over ten thousand American troops were sent to the island to help.

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