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Re: How many reset buttons?

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I don't think people are mad at Voyager for having time travel episodes where the timeline reset at the end.

People are mad for having no continuity between one episode and the next. In The Next Generation no matter how badly the ship is damaged or how low they run on supplies they can dock at the next available starbase and be repaired and restocked. If random security guy #7842 dies they can get him replaced. On Voyager, they can't do that. Damage to the ship should take a long time to repair. They should be low on supplies for more than one episode at a time.

And if you don't have enough energy to replicate coffee you DON'T HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO RUN THE HOLODECK.
You really think coffee for one person is more important than an entertainment/stress relief source for the entire crew? We all come home from work, school or wherever and turn on the TV. Why, because it relieves stress. It's a way to escape the hardships of out day to day lives. Having a holodeck/Tv does more for the masses than a cup of coffee.

As far as ship damage.
What is the point of futuristic sci-fi technology like Replicators or Transporters if they're not going to make life easier? Why should it take weeks to repair a ship if a replicator can make it and a transporter can transport it in 5 mins? You're cutting down manual labor by half than 50%. They use a beams of light to weld things together. There is barely any effort in repairing or replacing things in Trek. It takes 2 or 3 hours to replace something as simple as a fuel pump in a modern car, yet we've seen B'Elanna, O'Brian & Geordi all be able to completely repair the entire warp core in about 5. In our time, that would take years.

They implied that shit in a replicator can be turned into a pair of boots. a watch makes a plate of food. Beam up a tree from a planet and you've got spaghetti and meatballs for a month.

Besides, the Enterprise has over a thousand people living on it, Voyage is about 150. How much harder and more resources would you need to feed everyone on the Enterprise and any guests, compared to Voyager who is only feeding the amount of people equal to backyard BBQ.

Why have the most advance ship and all this futuristic tech if you still have to worry if you can afford to eat tomorrow?
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