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Re: Which of the fan videos close to the real thing?

The reason why World Enough and Time will be the gold standard for some time, is what fan films always fail at 1) Story, 2) Acting.

WEaT has two strong actors in the two guest leads, obviously Takei brings huge cred. And then Zicree's story is what you expect from a professional screen writer.

The look of many fan films has been strong for years, look at Exeter's second effort. Even In Harm's Way looked good. I am sure the new Farragut effort will be outstanding due to Matt Bucey, who is awesome. Special effects have been democratized too. So having a good look is becoming standard. But story and acting are still the difference. And I have yet to see any fan film consistently knock it out of the park. It REALLY is difficult. Look at OGAM. Perfect example. Great actors, bad story and the final product doesn't hold to WEaT.

So that is my 2 credit. OK, that is my third and fourth credits!

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