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Re: Woman shot following Walking Dead argument

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The guy in Denver could just as easily went down a row of seats stabbing people in the back of the neck
Do you have an actual example of a single guy murdering a large civilian crowd with a knife, or is this just random making stuff up?

blaming guns for sick peoples violent acts is ludicrous.
Give people access to simpler and deadlier ways to kill people and they will be able to kill more people with less cause. Give everyone a nuclear warhead, sure, maybe the vast majority of the human race would be responsible and never use it, but it'd only take a few people to blow up the world with them.

Nuclear warhead crime would not be the same thing as tank crime, and tank crime would not be the same thing as gun crime.

I do not get what's so hard to grasp about that. If you want to argue that illegalising guns in the United States would not solve the preponderance of guns, fine, I don't pretend to know otherwise. But if you want to insist they're somehow not significantly more dangerous than knives, that's something I can't understand.
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