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Re: How many reset buttons?

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No, Voyager deservedly gets crap because it leaned on the reset button like no other Trek show before it or since.
Because they could.
TNG nor DS9 could use the reset because it would have effected events in both shows. Voyager can use the reset as much as it wants because the events in which are reset doesn't effect any other timeline but their own.

Seriously, folks get upset over Voyager using the reset, complain about lack of continuity and yet Troi has been mind raped, abducted, stripped naked to be sold into human trafficking and one week later she's back flirting with Riker and eating chocolate as if nothing happened.
Anybody forget about Geordi's mom? Yeah, so did he.
Worf's white human brother? Never heard of him before or after his introduction.

DS9- How come the Letheian that read Dr. Bashir's mind knew ALL his secrets, personality traits and his fears...............except the biggest one, he was lying and hiding his genetic altering?

Jadzia Dax used the transporter all the time, to spite us being told in TNG that Trills can't use Transporters.

None of the shows were good with continuity.
Some fans just pick and choose what they notice and what they don't or jump on the bash Voyager wagon cause it's cool.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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