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Re: Terrible TOS performances....

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Arthur Coleman in Turnabout Intruder was bland at best.
Harry Landers' guest status must have been due to being a regular on the doctor show "Ben Casey" a few years earlier. Coleman was pretty much written as an incompetent, unethical wimp blinded by love.

Tige Andrews played the Klingon captain in Friday's Child with little gusto.
Though he apparently had some fun, because it was the first time as an actor his costume wasn't street clothes.

Julie Newmar was pretty terrible, too. She is such an odd actress anyway. She's great to look at, but she comes off distant in everything.
Watch her old series "My Living Doll", where she plays a robot. You'll find her perfectly cast.

. . .Marianna Hill played Helen Noel in the most annoying fashion. Maybe it was the character as written, but seriously, she was grating. Everything was an obvious, over the top flirt or push to make Kirk uncomfortable.
The character was hastily changed from Janice Rand, due to Grace Lee Whitney being dropped.

I could have lived without Barbara Anderson in Conscience of the King as well.
I thought her final revelation scenes were wonderfully theatrical.
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