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Re: Before & After/Year Of Hell relationship

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But he didn't erase himself.
You can't erase yourself.
Too erase yourself, you had to exist.
If you erased yourself, then who was the you erasing you if you don't exist? ..but it's true.

The only way to fix it is,if someone else from the future went back in time a killed Annorax as a child or any point before the idea of the time equation was created.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
If the core was made out of stuff so unique to that part of the galaxy that it wasn't replaceable in his life time, Anorax would no longer be a temporal physicist and suddenly become a theoretical temporal physicist
Wouldn't the equation be more dangerous?
Annorax shared his idea with others in the Krenium science and military depts.
Even if the Krenium didn't have the resources to create the ship, what happens if by chance that knowledge just happened to fall into the hands the Borg or the other planet the Krenium are in dispute with?
Now everybody has the idea.......and maybe the means.
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