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In a universe where people will kill you for your shoes, what effect do you think a fountain of youth (one that is collectable, portable and capable of being sub-divided) will have on people after the knowledge of it becomes generally known?

This has been my position for years. Once the secret about the planet gets out, the Ba'ku become a major pain in the ass for the Federation/Starfleet. And whomever comes calling for those particles the next time may not care whether the Ba'ku live or die in the process of extraction.

They go back to being mortal, but their culture will go on. It won't get eradicated.

actually, with only 600 to make up their "culture," without the fountain of youth they're screwed.

Again, the movie makes no sense from a larger perspective. The whole thing is a classic example of fridge logic. WHY is Starfleet going to defend a group of 600 that aren't part of the Federation and aren't contributing anything? Realistically, they wouldn't. The only reason Picard could use to justify doing so was that Dougherty was already involving the Federation.

So, as BillJ usually brings up in these threads on INS, you're left with two options:

1. The Federation agrees to round-the-clock defense of the Baku(a neutral party that is hoarding a resource that would greatly help the Federation) for no real reason. If you pick this option, explain why they'd do this for the Baku and not other peaceful, vulnerable neutral groups.

2. After the events in the film, the Federation leaves the Baku alone. Explain why every major power in the quadrant doesn't come and either remove or attack the Baku with force.(agrarian pacifists in possession of a coveted resource don't do well historically)

That's why this film fails, in addition to the bad humor and not being very interesting, it's just badly written, with logic holes and plot holes all over the place.
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