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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Spotted another VFX error in episode 7, "Unnatural Selection".

See the top right of the ship where the planet doesn't fill out to the edge of the frame.

There's a very distracting switch between grainy scenes and lack of grain. Especially in episode 6, "The Schizoid Man", where Data/Graves is sitting at the helm with the viewscreen behind him and he's accusing Picard. Very smoothed out.

Apart from these shots, everything else looks great, maybe even better than S1.
See if your TV has overscan protection turned off. I turn mine off to get the whole picture, but some shots may show things outside of the "safe area" of the intended viewing area. If watching on a computer, well, you may just have to overlook this slight discrepency!
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