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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

I was disappointed with last night's episode.

-Helena. The actress grew on me and I liked her costume.
-China White's attack on the Bertinelli house.
-Dig's conversations with Oliver.
-Tommy-for a moment at least-seeing the truth about Oliver and Laurel.
-Felicity is very cute.
-The Arrow-Huntress fight.

-The episode felt rushed. I wish they had devoted another episode to this arc to build up the relationship more. After the fall out and Helena's threat, the went to setting up the Tommy/Oliver club job thing and then cut to Helena storming out of town.
-The dinner scene. It seemed like the writers forgot, or forgot to have Oliver mention, that it was Helena's suggestion that Laurel and Tommy join them for dinner. And then she gets huffy about it and blames it all on Oliver.
-Laurel putting Tommy's business out there at the dinner. I'm glad he got mad at her. I wish he had stayed mad.
-Under use or misuse of China White. She should be running things, not the muscle. Perhaps since she survived future episodes can show her being more of a crime lord.
-Steele chewing out Felicity for doing what he asked her to do, and then asking her to do something even more life threatening without so much as an apology.
-Steele finding that book a bit too easily.

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