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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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^ Like I keep saying: Starfleet Security is only for providing security officers on board starships.
Why you keep saying this? Why is this the only thing they can do? If a Starfleet pilot can fly anything from a huge starship to a shuttle and even to a 20th century helicopter, I'd assume the security personnel to be pretty diversely trained too.

Those are clearly not qualified to be marines as we understand the term.
Again, why? What exact things you expect the marines could do that the SF security can't?

I mean, look at the redshirts you've seen in TOS. Would you want people like that, who seem to get killed at an alarming rate, to be fighting on the front lines?
I assume that dying in alarming rates is exactly what the soldiers in front lines do, so they would be eminently qualified.
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