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TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

The Enterprise goes to the center of the galaxy looking for God. They do not find God. What they do find is a being, called The One in the novels, who needs a starship, doesn't know who Kirk is, and is killed with a low yield photon torpedo and a couple of disruptor shots.

So goes the straightforward interpretation. But perhaps there's another.

The One gives Sybok a vision. He also somehow gives Sybok the ability to take away peoples' pain and turn them into obedient followers. Because Sybok and his followers are ruled by their emotions and believe with their their hearts, The One can convince them that the visions are from God.

Maybe The One has also given visions to the prophets of scripture. Is it possible that he is the biblical God? If God tells the world that He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, and the creator and lord of the universe, should He be believed? Does one have to be a Sybokist (emotion, heart) to believe it, or can a Surakist (logic, intellect) believe it too?

ETA: The four poll options are (at least intended to be) mutually exclusive and exhaustive. Check the ones that you think may be true.

The question is posed from an in-universe perspective, so don’t reject the “Yahweh = The One” possibility simply on the grounds that the former is real and the latter a character from a movie. The events of the film are to be taken as real. The events of the Bible are to be taken as you please.

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