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How many Operating Systems do you use on a regular basis?

An Apple fan was saying that he was proud of being a pure Apple experience guy, hating having to deal with more than one operating system. After pointing out he was using both iOS and OSX, I got thinking about how many I use in my daily life, and was wondering where you are on yours:

Windows - Home desktop (Win7); Work Laptop & Workout Laptop (WinXP)

Blackberry OS - Cellphone

Android OS - Portable Media Player (Gingerbread); Tablet (Jelly Bean)

Not counting whatever OS runs my car, home theatre, home applicances, or elevators of course. :P Other more common options I suppose include OSX, iOS, Chrome, Windows Phone, Symbian, and various Open OS flavours. What's your mileage?

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...

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