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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #62: Yesterday's Enterprise

Welcome to the TNG Avatar Contest #62: Yesterday's Enterprise! I'd like to take a moment to once again congratulate or winners in the last contest: JiNX-01, R. Star, Orac,and Melakon! Jumping right into it, this week our themes are...

Episode Theme: Yesterday's Enterprise
A temporal rift opens, and the USS Enterprise-C emerges, changing the timeline into a reality where the Federation is in a bitter war with the Klingon Empire. The only person on the USS Enterprise-D who realizes that something is not right is Guinan, and she must help return the out-of-date starship to its proper time, in order for the Enterprise-D crew to save themselves.

TNG Theme: Foxy Ladies of the 24th Century
The women of TNG! Who is the prettiest?

Random Theme: Holiday Treats
Any holiday themed food, sweets and other tasty morsels we enjoy only during the holiday season!

All entries must be no larger than 150x150 pixels or 140kb in size. The entry thread will remain open for two weeks, closing on the 20th. Following will be voting to choose the newest winners of the...

Golden Data

Designed by Klaus

Good luck!
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