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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Why the funny wavy Mylar panels? I say it's decoration pure and simple.

I have been thinking about those iridescent shower curtain panels on the corridor trusses and the back wall of the transporter platform. Earlier I had claimed they were just decorative, but, after some idle brainstorming, I thought of an interesting idea...

Maybe they're an air filtering system. As air passes over these panels, certain impurities are drawn out of the air and trapped onto the panel. The ship's atmosphere cycles through the entire volume of the ship and every room attaches to the corridors, so all the air would be moved past these panels pretty regularly. It would make sense to have these air impurity collectors on the transporter platforms as the ship is regularly beaming stuff up from strange new worlds, certainly a volume of native atmosphere would come up too, and you don't necessarily want that floating in with the ship's scrubbed air.

Anyhow... just an idea.

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