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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I got my S2 disks yesterday and I watched the trailer for season three last night. It seemed to me that some of the footage in the trailer may have been upscaled material because in some shots Picard looks really crisp and then in other shots from the same scene he looks very soft and out of focus. Did anyone else see that or am I just imagining things?
Yeah, I noticed that, too. It's during the scene in "Best of Both Worlds" where the Borg beam aboard the bridge to abduct Picard. In one shot everything looks perfect. They cut to the Borg and back to almost the exact same shot as before, only with poor quality. I guess it's because the last cut contains an effects shot (Worf firing a phaser), whereas the former is only a normal shot of Picard and Riker.
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