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Re: Did Baltar know Ellen Tigh was a cylon?

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Why you are flipping out about it is beyond me.
Because it's ridiculous and hypocritical. The rules on the subject are well documented and clearly defined, and the rule most certainly is not "the statue of limitations for determining if an episode/film is free of spoilers is one year... or some random, indiscriminate set of time as deemed by random, wholly unaffected powers and moderators who aren't even the cited moderator for the forum in question."

There wasn't even anyone actually complaining about being spoiled, just a handful of people whining about it for the sake of whining.

Why even bother having rules if you're just going to completely and utterly ignore them on a whim?
Maybe you missed this in the spoiler guidelines thread:

Just think about your fellow posters when you're posting, okay? A little consideration goes a long way 'round these parts.
And from Neroon's post in this thread:'s also not difficult to keep such major plot points out of thread titles, just in case. It's all part of maintaining a fruitful ground for good discussion.
No one broke any rules. The rules aren't the issue. It's not that hard to keep major plot points out of thread titles. Lyon_Wonder didn't get in trouble for anything.

You keep going on about "rules, rules, rules!" when it has nothing to do with the rules, it's just about courtesy and consideration.
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