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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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The reason why The Wrath of Khan was able to be about Khan's wrath was because Kirk had wronged him way back in "Space Seed". Well, Khan's never been wronged in the Abramsverse. He escaped Earth voluntarily. He probably hasn't even been woken up yet. So Cumberbatch's character going on about "vengeance" does nothing to help the "It's Khan!" case; if anything, I think it hurts it.
Khan escaped Earth after his empire was defeated. After millions dead....He has nothing but hatred for the inferiors who bested him, as evidenced by his trying to kill Kirk and take control of the Enterprise in Space Seed. Getting the Enterprise was only the first step.

Until more comes out, I'm leaning with Mitchell.
Cumberbatch said in Japan that the character is definitely the villain, and he's ruthless, but he's also complicated and shouldn't be judged by "black-or-white," or "good-or-evil."

To me, that rules out Khan. As a tragic figure, Mitchell tends to fit that description.

But, why the sustained suspense (OK, it's J.J.'s way)? Khan was in the title of TWOK and that didn't spoil anything for anyone. If it's Mitchell, then what does it spoil to say so? After all, the average movie goer knows no more about Mitchell than he did about Khan going into TWOK. It's hardly going to be the deal maker about whether or not they see the film.

To that end, the longer this goes on, the more I'm really hoping to be shocked by who it is when we finally get the big reveal. It'd be great for it to be someone totally out of left field.
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