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Re: Starship water landing

I did some more examination of the two screenshots. The first shot, of the nacelle, shows that the ship is a Federation starship (NCC) and that the first two numbers are 17. The rest of the registry is obscured by lighting and water conditions.

As for the second pic, that ship is having a hard crash into the water. (A hard crash is one where the ship is no longer under the control of the personnel aboard.) The left nacelle is badly damaged, and is on fire. Smoke is pouring out of the nacelle. It appears that the collector has been totally destroyed. The angle of the crash supports that this is a hard crash.

We have seen a soft crash of a ship in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The ship maintained level flying until it hit the water.

As for the ship in pic #1 and pic #2 being the same, I disagree. Again, I am basing this on the nacelle shape. The crashing ship has a nacelle with a flat upper surface; it lacks what the Enterprise has or what the ship in pic #1 has.

The ship that is hard crashing has a saucer like a Galaxy-class Starship and nacelles like a Sovereign-class Starship. A portion of the port saucer can be seen below the port nacelle. There appears to be an indent in the saucer.
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