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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

Darkwing wrote:
No? It certainly seems to be a nearly religious mania nowadays.
What you mean by this?

His ashes are already spinning in orbit, but he was wrong on this anyway. He was revisionist, bitter, vindictive, and senile in his later years.
Let's just say we disagree on that.

This is the problem I see with you over on the SFMC thread: The intolerance of tolerance, the inflexible, un-nuanced thinking of the young, and the idolization of Roddenberry.
Thank you for this enlightening character analysis, I guess.

But that does show that the main characters come from a culture where christianity is still important.
Certainly. Effects of Christianity on the western society and culture will be felt for centuries or even millennia after people stop believing that the mythological aspects of it are true. Think Greco-Roman mythology; we are still familiar with it and it is still referenced today. We understand what Mars and Venus (or Ares and Aphrodite) symbolise, even though this religion they belonged to has been dead for ages.
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