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December Art Challenge: Conference room inspiration

Oh, the most dreaded part of these monthly challenges - coming up with the next month's theme if you actually win!

Many of the designs in Trek are inspired by real world objects. Some are obvious, and some you can only see if you squint really hard. We had a challenge 2.5 years ago to use any real world object and design something from it, but I'm going in a slightly different direction. I want you to take a given object, specifically a Polycom Soundstation 2, and create a Trek design from it. I've stared at these things for years since they're in all our conference rooms, and thought it would make a great.... something.

You can use all or any part of it to create your design. It can also either be the entire design or just use it to create a small part of your design, whether it be a starship, starbase, real-world prop, or Ferengi marital aid! And remember, this is only an inspiration, so it doesn't have to look exactly like the Soundstation, just close enough that we can see it if we squint!

And remember to send in your entries at the end of the month to ptrope *at* gmail *dot* com!
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