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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

Ian McShane as Psycho Santa. Awesome!

How naive of Sister Jude to actually be convinced by Dr. Arden to come back to Briarcliff and try to defeat Mary Eunice. Based on the preview of next week's episode, she's going to be chained to her bed and locked up like other patients.


I especially liked the part when Dr. Arden gave those ruby earrings to Mary Eunice as a Christmas gift. He told her the story of how he got them from a Jewish woman in a concentration camp. The woman came from wealth, and her husband was an influential doctor. She often complained about stomach problems, and so one day Arden decided to follow her to the latrine. Then he saw her retrieving her earrings, which she had apparently swallowed, from her own excrement. She died from internal hemorrhage, and Arden ended up taking the earrings. He was rather disappointed by Mary Eunice's thrilled reaction as opposed to being repulsed by the story of the "shit-stained" earrings.
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