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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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They are much tougher to read at 480p at this distance and I haven't tested at 720p. EDIT: Pretty tough to read at 720p as well.

Reeborg, you may want to check the output settings on your Blu-ray player. Also, what type of cables are you using to connect the player to your TV?
Thanks Bill for your good intentions. I use a HDMI cable to connect the player.

I also put resolution from automatic to 1080p, still the text has not become any bigger. I can read it without feeling comfortable in doing it.

Let's just say, I wish they had made better use of the screen "capacity" than just put the small menu text and the small episode pictures. Putting the episode picture "big" in the middle with "bigger" episode title while selecting that particular episode might just have done the trick and filled the empty "space".

Me and my family members, we are just not comfortable with the text size and would have wished it to be bigger. Usually, I don't have this issue with other blu-rays. Let's leave at that.
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