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Then Kai Winn goes rogue and decides to stop the Reckoning from happening. Why does she decide to stop the Reckoning?
I think this one can be answered: it's because she is jealous that Kira was chosen by the Prophet instead of her.
It came across to me like they were trying to imply Winn did it because of her jealousy of the Emissary's faith in the prophets and his willingness to trust them with his son's life. Which doesn't quite make sense.

Winn being jealous the prophets chose Kira makes more sense, but I didn't see any suggestion of that motivation in the episode itself.
It could have been either of those things, or something else, her actions just aren't well explained and don't make sense. Ambiguity can be good, but in this case I just don't know what the plan was.

According to MA, they changed the ending as Winn was originally supposed to be the one possessed by the Pah-wraith, and Sisko was the one to stop the Reckoning to save the station. When they changed things around and had Jake be possessed instead, and decided that Sisko was willing to stand by and risk the life of his son, that's when they decided Winn would be the one to put a stop to it. The result was that Winn's motivation doesn't come naturally from the story but from the necessity to have someone save the station.

I did like that the Prophet ignored Winn, though. That was a good bit of foreshadowing.

Valiant (***)

So, I saw the new trailer for Star Trek II 2 today, and the timing was just perfect. Those of you that were around when I reviewed Star Trek I 2 several years ago know that I wasn't a fan of that movie. I didn't hate it, it just didn't suit my tastes, and while seeing a starship crash into the sea looks kinda cool, I don't imagine Star Trek Tutu will be to my tastes either. I know that a lot has been made about the similarities between Valiant and Star Trek Un Deux since that film's release, but I still think that I would have much preferred that movie if Kirk and co had died at the end of it.

Valiant certainly has its problems. The setup is kinda out there, sending a crew of cadets on a training voyage in an advanced warship is rather unlikely. But if there's anything I've learned from watching every episode of Star Trek it is that Starfleet is utterly incompetent and the requirement for becoming an admiral is failing the entry exam. (Cue joke about Admiral Janeway.) Another issue with the episode is that Jake, Nog, and Dr Dorian are the only survivors, which is mightily convenient. Another problem with the episode is that it lacks subtlety in many scenes, and if it was intended to be an ambiguous story where the audience is supposed to decide who was right and who was wrong, it failed on that front.

But other than those issue, I like it as a tale about how idiocy and glory-seeking in wartime will get you killed. And it will get your crew killed. And blindly following such a leader will get you killed. And it will get your friends killed. At various points in time, producers at Paramount considered inflicting a Star Trek movie or TV show about Starfleet cadets on us, and this episode is a brutal antidote to that. Like I said, it's not subtle, but it's a tale worth telling. It's also a reasonably good vehicle for Jake, which is rare in these latter seasons.

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