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Name of the 2013-2014 next Sentai series was revealed on September 5th

Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー)! Trademarks for what seems to be next Super Sentai series seems to be have registered under the ID 2012-65209! Jyuden consists of the two kanji characters, beast and electricity, while kyoryu means dinosaur. So the next Sentai series is most likely another dinosaur based show.
Yesterday in Japan a meeting with large toy store chains and Bandai Of Japan was held. They're being informed of the new toys for the 1st quarter of 2013.

Press flier handed out. It's blurry because it's not meant for the public to see. Sometimes we get really good images of the press flier



Press flyer information

Jyuden Sentai Kyouryuger:

The work is surrounded by a samba rhythm, making it a fun and bright experience! Theme of the show is "Charging" (Juuden, i.e. Jyuden, Beast Electricity). Using the JyuDenChi, in which Dinosaur Souls are stored, the Kyouryugers charge various pieces of their arsenal.

-Henshin Item is the "GaburiVolver" (Gaburi- to bite). The JyuDenChi is set in the "Gaburinchou" and henshin is carried out with a Samba Sound.

-Red, Black, Blue, Green and Pink require the help of Dinosaur partners, similar to Aba. Their names are GabuTyra (Tyrannosaurus), Parasagan (Parasaur), Stegocchi (Stegosaurus), Zactyl (likely a Pteranodon, possibly a Velociraptor), and Torikera (Triceratops.)

-GabuTyra, Stegocchi, and Torikera can gattai into the "KyouryuuJin". Parasagan and Zactyl act as replacement parts for the bot. The toy has speech gimmicks, and it can recognize all the batteries. It resembles AbarenOh a tad, and its' voice actor is Chiba Shigeru, who's appeared in way too many shows to list here
Aparently due to the current super sentai "Go-busters" doing horribly in ratings Toei the company that makes the Super Sentai series went with a safe theme.

Everyone loves dinos.
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