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Re: Episode of the Week: Coming of Age

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.Also don't see a problem with Wes helping Mordock. If I'm Starfleet, I want people who aren't afraid to help others, even if it's to their own detriment.
Like I said, it could have been to somebody else's detriment. If Wesley's help had given Mordock the points he needed to edge out T'Shanik or Oliana for the win, would that have been fair to them?
And? Do I want people in the uniform who won't speak up when they're in trouble? Do I want people who will crybaby if things don't go their way?

Mordock showed himself capable of interacting with other species and able to ask for help when he needed it.

Life isn't fair...

I wonder why the present school system does not allow "outside" help during exams. Maybe it's not evolved enough.
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