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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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Re watching the Japanese teaser. When Benedict Cumberbatch is saying 'Is there anything you would not do for your family?', it almost sounds like Benedict's voice is breaking, like the kind of emotional line you'd give when explaining your motivation or driving reason. Were any of the villains in TOS majorly motivated by family?
I agree. I think the villain blames Kirk for the death of a loved one and that becomes one of the motivations for his desire for revenge. In "Wrath of KHan", doesn't Khan blame Kirk for the death of his wife?
Yeah but Khan's wife was Lieutenant Marla McGivers, who he met in Space Seed, thus he wouldn't be married in this timeline yet (acting on the idea that he was just recently unfrozen).

Also, Kirk seems to recognize him in the trailer, so unless Kirk and Khan had a prior dealing not shown on screen I don't think it's Khan.
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