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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I [...] have no issues reading the menus on a 32" TV at the distance he describes. My 32" is roughly the same distance from where I sit as his is
Same here.
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I wonder if he actually has a 32" set or if its a 22" or 26"?
Maybe he has set the BD-Output to 480p?
Or maybe the sharpness on the TV to -20
Absolutely LG is selling here TVs with 32" label but 22" real size or maybe it's 32 cm. Thanks now I know what is the problem.

If I would put it to 480p then the menus would become bigger not smaller (at a given point number/resolution of a letter).

What is "sharpness" to 20? Do you mean contrast? Does this affect size of the text?

If you really watch it on a 32" set (from 3m away) and you read the episode names and the stardate etc. below them, wouldn't you honestly say a bit bigger would be more comfortable to read it and it would fill the screen and bit better than now?

Let's laugh all we want, but in the end, making a menu like this with leaving 90% of screen just (practically) empty and the text small and lost as it is, it's just stupid.
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