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Re: Did Baltar know Ellen Tigh was a cylon?

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The Darth Vader thing is a poor comparison because his identity as Luke's father has been part of popular culture for a few decades now. BSG spoilers, not so much.
So, basically, to hell with the established forum's rules and just live by mob rule instead? Gotcha. Love it when even the moderators are telling you that it's okay to ignore the rules and just make shit up as you go.

Just so its clear, I'm not the one starting threads with these titles. It's just absolutely ridiculous when the little peons, who are utterly unaffected whatsoever by them, start crying and whining about being spoiled when 1) they're not and 2) it's perfectly within the forum rules. If it's some huge epidemic of a problem, go discuss it with the people who make the actual rules and deal with it there. Rather than, you know, just pouting and sobbing and making shit up as you go.
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