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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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No more of a joke than potbellied Adam West as a superhero.
He did not have a potbelly on the show. Now, if you were talking about his shape in that abysmal "superhero roast" from the late 70's, now that is another matter....
No potbelly there, either. If anything, he was in even better shape.

At least Yvonne was in great shape!
She had thighs like a rhino after one too many Big Macs.
She was short and muscular from dancing. It made them look big. Big and tasty.
Add to that, the insertion points on her upper and lower legs are excellent. Craig had astounding legs, flexed or otherwise. Muscularity and shape are key to a women's legs, IMO. When I see somebody with "thin" or "skinny", so often there is no shape, sexy density in the right places and sweep, much like the legs on a coffee table.
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