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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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"So, what of the bypass / convertor assembly? How does that fit into this engineering sprall? I think it must be at the central convergence of the energy transfer, otherwise it couldn't actually bypass anything. Perhaps it too has its own engine room?"
I assume general Star Trek audiences may already have difficulties accepting two engine rooms (one in the saucer, one in the engineering hull), three engine rooms in the engineering hull is already a difficult concept to sell and with four engine rooms I'm afraid we'll be loosing the audience (BUT: if you link two engine rooms at the EMM location, will that yield two engine rooms or just a larger, wider one? )

I feel there is a beautiful symmetry with three: Three reactors (one in each nacelle, one in the hull suggested by That Which Survives), three different signs on the engine rooms' main door, three different EMM locations (if you count the "life support" of the Defiant from "The Tholian Web" to be a variation) - and three crystals for three rooms (you saw this one coming, didn't you?).

@ blssdwlf

Please disregard my suggestion with the "spare box". As it appears the rectangular box was only present during Season Two and replaced by the extendable assembly cage in Season Three (I'd rather like to assume it was one of Scotty's upgrades as I mentioned in an earlier post).

As I see it now there are several options to (ab)use the engine room footage from "The Immunity Syndrome" (at least on a 1080' Enterprise):

Connect the engine rooms on their EMM sides (as you essentially did), "normal" engine room will be starboard, "IS" engine room port.
Advantage: Ceiling beams now make excellent sense, an open passageway below the EMMs connecting both rooms could justify to refer to both as one big engine room
Disadvantage: It would appear that both EMMs are separated for a strange reason. Access to "normal" EMM seems restricted, access to "IS" EMM seems to be available from the main floor of the engine room (In IS Scotty is moving back and forth between EMM and main floor)

Connect the engine rooms on their "balcony" sides, "normal" engine room will be port, "IS" engine room will be starboard.
Advantage: EMMs are now next the outer hull of the ship and ladder ends there because there is no way further up.
Disadvantage: Beautiful ceiling beam structure is lost



Check out the Constellation's engine room. I've counted three noticable differences compared to the Enterprise's second season engine room set (I find it hard to attribute these to individual ship variations as there were no such variations aboard the Exeter and the Defiant):

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