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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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although it really shouldn't be a 24th century style LCARS interface, but hey, maybe Memory Alpha was the first Federation organization to use that particular OS!)
Included in io9's gallery of pages is an afterword by the author supposedly added 75 years after it originally came out, i.e. 2386. And there are some extra materials that wouldn't have been known about at the original publication date, like a diagram of a joined Trill's anatomy. So it seems the conceit is that this is the 75th-anniversary re-release of a book from 2311.

But I believe this book is an Amazon exclusive
Not in the US. I asked at a local Barnes & Noble, and they said they don't have it in the brick-and-mortar stores, but it is available for home delivery.

That said, I'm most interested in "The Rise of the Federation" next year, in the hopes that it further fleshes out early Fed history in an exciting way.
Not sure if "further" is the word, since from what you say, it sounds like F:TF150Y (or would that be F:TFCLY?) portrays a rather different version of history from what the ENT novels have shown. More like "differently," I guess. But in the novel format, I do have the room to explore that particular period in more depth, especially if there's more than one volume of ROTF.
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