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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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And that's the point. ACA will screw over people like me and families with children like me.
That's such bullshit.

Every anecdote you've ever given over the years has the same through line: You getting by because of the contributions others have made (your family, church, doctors, community, wife's boss, other people at your insurance company) to your health care needs. You will never contribute enough to your own healthcare to pay for it. Never.
As well as public assistance....

This is a disconnect I just don't understand. My SO was also a high-consumer of health care dollars. In the last year of his life, he racked up over $2 million in health care expenditures. He had both Medicare & MediCal--and was supremely grateful for that.

As he became ill at 23, no, he never paid into the system what he got out of it. But what was the option? Let him die on the streets? Or take him out into a field & shoot him? Because insurance here in the US is tied to work, he was dumped from his insurance plan as soon as he was unable to work. Public assistance was the only option.

If we'd had a single-payer system, the costs for him--and other high-consumers--would have been spread across the entire population, not just across a system paying for other high-cost consumers of medical care (i.e. the elderly & disabled).
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