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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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For the most part I'd argue against that, but after recently reading the latest TPB (#97-102) and seeing what happens in #100.
IMO that was way OTT and horrible. We really didn't need to see that happen to that person. I get that it's a grim world but that was just a bit sick.
I agree. Plus I'm also getting bored with the comic. doesn't feel new anymore
I know what you mean. (I read it via the TPBs by the way) To be fair I was really enjoying it until this last one. Where yeah it does feel like its just going round in circles now. Its the prison/Govener arc all over again, just more so. And you know its gonna last for probably dozens of issues.

I'd like to see them do something wild, like I don't know... they leave America, try to escape overseas or something. Just bored of the routine-
- find a new place to set up
- fight off zombies
- have an tense stand off with the locals
- defend base from asshole gang who want it for themselves
- keep introducing cypher characters
- kill them off soon enough
- etc etc
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