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Re: Falling sperm crisis?

teacake wrote: View Post
Never mind, the planet is not in peril. We will soon be reproducing without any need for sperm.

This isn't just an unlikely sci-fi scenario. This could be reality, according to Bryan Sykes, an eminent professor of genetics at Oxford University and author of "Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men."
"The Y chromosome is deteriorating and will, in my belief, disappear," Sykes told me.
"Every generation one percent of men will have a mutation which reduces their fertility by 10 percent," explained Sykes. Unlike most chromosomes, the Y does not travel through the generation in pairs, so can never repair itself from a mirror. Flaws are never repaired. "So if that goes on for generation after generation," Sykes argued, "eventually there are no functioning Y chromosomes left."

Plenty of people are working on Parthenogenesis.
The deterioration of the Y-chromosome is overstated. What is being lost from the Y-chromosome are genes that are present on other X-chromosomes. Essentially, redundant data is being eliminated, generation by generation. Thanks to how natural selection operates, if the Y breaks down to the point that it can no longer facilitate life or cannot produce a fertile male, then that male isn't having any offspring, and his genetic line is a dead end. Males without this affliction would, of course, be able to breed.

Although it's conceivable that the Y-chromosome could someday break down to a point that it threatens the survival of the species, we're talking about something that's millions of years away--nothing we'll have to worry about in a timeframe relevant to humans.

Deks wrote: View Post
With the nutrition most of the world is getting filled with chemicals, pesticides, and GMO, it not only reduces nutritional value of food, but produces certain toxicity in the body which is accumulating over long periods of time (attributing to many 'modern illnesses'), and then take into account the amount of pills being popped (which are inherently toxic and will only increase the said toxicity with prolonged use, resulting in various medical problems ranging from internal organ damage, etc...) going on in the general population .

I personally have no desire to have kids (can't stand them), nor do I see the point in having them.
You'd better have some strong evidence for such bold statements.
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